The Info@Risk team has now joined BPM LLP (effective July 1, 2017). Visit us at our new page by clicking here or wait and you will be automatically redirected in 30 seconds.

Info@Risk is an assessment-only service provider, so our clients are assured of completely objective assessments of their information security.

Unlike firms with highly automated services, Info@Risk’s hands-on, manual processes more rigorously explore information security risks and can be readily adapted to fit specific needs. Developed through assessment experience dating back to 1998 and informed by applicable standards and regulations, Info@Risk’s services provide the important assurance of comprehensive and in-depth evaluations of information security risks. Through our many years of real world experience, Info@Risk has developed services to most effectively meet our clients’ needs.

Info@Risk’s Primary Services are:

Comprehensive Penetration Test

Information Security Program Review

Application Penetration Test

Mobile Application Penetration Test

Device / System Configuration Review

Risk Assessment

To meet specific needs or circumstances, Info@Risk can tailor or develop services at the client’s request.

For a complete list of our services, please email